Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's been my intent lately to begin work on another character for my portfolio. I want to portray the idea that I have a greater interest in character design than any other subject matter when looking at my website, and frankly one model just doesn't cut it. My problem with this has been motivation. I just haven't been very passionate about too many ideas as of late; I have no stories to tell; I'm too aware of the idea that there is little necessity for yet another stocky viking warrior, or cyborg soldier, and creating one of these standard issue portfolio pieces with no life or motivation behind it just seems excessively arbitrary. I cant bring myself to do it, no matter how self destructive this attitude is. On the other hand, to remain stagnant is the worst course of action. I am undoubtedly happier or at least more comfortable when I am busy and being creative, and compromising in some way now will leave me better versed when I do have a story to tell. I have faith that day will come, so I've finally decided upon a project.
Recently, I developed a character named Finny. He is a lanky, fiery haired boy that I created to remind me of pleasant times in my life. He reflects ideologies that I've grown to value, and for me was an exploration of that tumultuous time in life when one first enters adulthood and faces the trials that come with it, a period my immature self is still facing. Of course, Finny is mostly just a smiley boy with a jar for collecting things! He is a happy boy and he made me happy while creating him, so why not continue that process? I know he's not the grandiose and ultra-detailed character necessary to get me a job at Blizzard, but he is what I like, and its shameful to sacrifice that. That being said, I will begin Finny with an open mind and a positive attitude. No more self pitying rants from here on out. With this post I christen the project, so anyone reading it must hold me to it and nag me accordingly.

Without further ado, here is the boy. You may recognize him.