Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pitch 2 FTW

The class agreed wholeheartedly that I need to pursue the path of character modeling. This being the case I proposed modeling my rambo reptiles figurine which consists of a bloodthirsty frog firing a large machine gun, mounted on the back of battered turtle. Prof Cookson, suggested that I create something a little less stylized, to balance out my portfolio.

Since then, my friend and roommate Nate Berna and I discussed developing a small scale, art centric mod for UT3 (or perhaps Crytek), that would give me the opportunity to create a fully realized game environment, complete with unique characters. The project would also be something I could continue into Studio 2, so I've decided to pursue this project by using my guidelines for Pitch.2 to create a character for the mod. I figure even if nothing comes of the mod, I will still have portfolio worthy character models irregardless. I've got nothing to lose...

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