Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toning Down the Tribal

Ive been back at the drawing board with this concept and here is what Ive come up with. I had to make a tough choice and get rid of my focal point, which was holding the character back. I am speaking of the golden belt/plate that was so overwhelmingly Meso-American. I loved how it looked on its own and even its contribution to the tribal nature of the character, but It was conflicting with the desired aesthetic I was going for, which was not high fantasy or fifteenth century Aztec. With this sketch I am trying to vamp up the primitive tech look, while still maintaining some of the tribal qualities. Tell me what you all think. I know that in some ways the logical approach would be to drop the technology and move fully towards the tribal warrior look, but to do that would be sacrificing what I am trying to achieve, which would only bother me in the long run.

...Oh and Ben, I will definitely take into account what you said about tying in the main colors elsewhere on the body. I toyed with it for about ten seconds, but I will get back to it.

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