Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some quick color comps of the character. I plan on doing a detailed painting of him soon, but am still up in the air as to whether to paint over this image, or start a new pose altogether. This pose was chosen specifically to map out the costume, so its not the most dynamic.


  1. Ooo. Style wise this reminds me alot of Wakka from FFX, or at least another character from his background.

    Color wise, I'm a sucker for the orange blue combination, but I think the first one pops out the most, with the light pants and med skin tone. I really like the orange padding though, but I think if you add the blue from the second one, it will pop even more.

  2. Hey man, I like the concept. When it comes to color, I'm no expert, but I'm a firm believer in unified color schemes with complimentary accents. Not that you need to use this method, but it might be nice to have an overall primary tonality and add accents to various places. For instance, in your first color study, you are starting to define an overall color (brownish-orange), but your saturated colors (the reds and oranges) are only present in the belt. You might want to consider adding similar hues to various other portions of the design (the head-piece, the ankles, etc). Right now, it feels like the red-orange area stands out, while the rest of the design recedes. That being said, with my comments in mind, I'm leaning to the one on the left as well. Also, I think the white on the pants is too much. Try maybe a toned down red-gray or beige.

    Good stuff!